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  1. Our steel pipe is seamless, not welded like most companies. This offers the highest level of safety as the welding procedure of the tubes creates a breaking point, which does not exist with ours.

  2. All the stages of our cylinder are chrome-plated, which offers greater protection and reliability in all conditions, even the harshest. This is usually an option on the market. In our offer, it is offered automatically.

  3. ​The competitiveness of our prices is effective because we have more control over the prices of raw materials, compared to European based companies, who face a surge in these prices and therefore have to either make a loss or increase their prices to their customers.

  4. Our power supply is not only supplied with the highest quality standard according to the requirements of the international markets (USA, Australia, Canada and of course Europe) but also comes with an exclusive wireless remote control system.

Hydraulic Cylinders


Our production is based in China,

managed and controlled by a European team following the highest European standards and offers the following advantages:

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