Why Choose Us?

With our 25 cumulated years in China, our wide field experience from selecting suppliers, sourcing products, applying strict quality control processes to handling the export procedures for our customers, makes us a valuable asset for any customer willing not to compromise on any aspect.

Matthieu LE COQ

Markus REHN

In Asia for more than 25 years and living in China since 2001, Matthieu has acquired not only the knowledge of Chinese culture and ways, but also a solid experience in projects from their initialisation, selection of suppliers as well as products, until the final step which is to deliver a product, packaging and service required by the customer and obtaining full satisfaction from them.


Markus started his China experience from 2013 in Purchase & Supply Management and added multicultural knowledge in Project Management over the following years. With his practical know-how from supplier acquisition till final goods shipment around the globe , he is able to provide full Supply Chain Management according to clients request.

Their understanding of both Western and Chinese culture makes them a real and efficient interface between suppliers and customers, levelling the misunderstanding risk factor.

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